In April, our coffee farmers had the opportunity to taste the coffee grown in La Providencia. That may not sound like a big deal — but in coffee-producing countries, it’s almost unheard of for farmers to taste their own coffee. It just doesn’t happen. Normally, the best quality coffee is exported so it is not easy for some to taste a cup of good quality coffee, let alone the coffee you produced yourself! Personally, it was very nice to see the satisfaction and pride that the farmers had to taste the coffee that they themselves had grown. Seeing them understand the value of their work, and to see their faces light up knowing they are part of the change we generate in children was amazing.

I could see Don Alfredo very happy and empowered talking about what he himself cultivates, and he mentioned how important his co-workers are to get the job done.

“We all contribute our knowledge to see the coffee grow and when it is time for the harvest it is very nice to see that we were able to finish one more coffee season.”

See the whole experience in the video below!

Written by Julissa Arana, Engagement Facilitator in Honduras