It’s here: 2021, the beginning we’ve hoped for and walked toward for months. I don’t think we’ve collectively looked forward to a new start with more anticipation than we are right now. But when the clock ticked over into January and our feet hit the floor in the morning, some things remained the same — like your morning coffee, which you’d probably already have in your hands before finishing this article.


Horizon wants you to start a great year with great coffee. In two weeks, our first batch of Honduran beans will be available as the Trailblazer coffee subscription premieres. Trailblazer coffee is our way of connecting you to the farmers who work the land in and around our Honduran orphan care community, La Providencia, by making their beans directly available to you. 


We’ve partnered with Lancaster-based Square One Coffee Roasters to roast, package and ship the monthly subscriptions directly to your house.




12oz and 32oz


You can select whole beans or a fine, medium or course ground.

Specifically, Trailblazer coffee will support the growth of our Inheritance Program — an initiative unique to Horizon, designed to keep children part of our Horizon family as they grow up. In a traditional orphanage, children age out at 18, and are often left with no family or support. This isn’t the case with Horizon children. Instead, these young adults enter the Inheritance Program: a place where caring mentors help them navigate the world and decide on a next step, whether it’s pursuing a college program, a trade or a business of their own.

Because of our 100% Promise all support and donations go directly to the children we serve. 

And a necessary part of that is funding businesses to wrap around these communities to ensure a sustainable source of income for years to come. Our Impact Investing businesses also provide opportunities for our Inheritance children to learn their way around a coffee field, giving them concrete skills and setting them up well for adulthood.

Our coffee is roasted and packaged at Square One Coffee Roasters in Lancaster, PA.

So when you pour that cup every morning, smile, knowing that each sip helps elevate the livelihood of orphaned children on their journey of self-sustainability.  ORDER NOW


Sarah Pryor, Creative Content Coordinator