Vivian, Jasmine and Mercy grew up in Baba Nyumbani — and a central part of their childhood, like most children in our micro communities, was Sunday School. The concept is universal: mornings spent with other kids learning about relationship with God, reading Bible stories and more. In Kenya, other Sunday School activities include singing and dancing. It’s surely a time of fun entertainment (just look at the video below), but Sunday School is also a formative place in helping to shape a child’s understanding of their faith. 

“What you teach them at a very young age will stick with them and help them shape who they become in the future,” Dorice, a Horizon staff member in Kenya says. “The foundation you give a child is very important.” 

Light streams into the room where the kids meet. The mint-green walls and bright yellow door create a vibrant environment. The room isn’t filled with desks or tables; chairs line the perimeter of the room instead, to leave room for dancing.  

…I’ll go to heaven, I’ll never get tired, tired tired...” they sing and dance in a circle, laughing with joy. 

Later they sit, Bibles in their laps, reading the Biblical story of Moses which Vivian teaches them about.

Vivian teaches the story of Moses

Some say the best way to test your knowledge is to teach someone else — and these girls are certainly doing that. Vivian and Mercy are in 9th grade, and Jasmine is in 8th grade. They teach the younger ones about the love of Christ and stories from the Bible, the ten commandments, the birth of Jesus, the wise and foolish virgins and so much more. 

The kids have interactive lessons where they share their thoughts on Bible stories, memorize verses, sing, dance and pray together. Sometimes, the children present their songs and memory verses in the main church service. That’s a sweet song if we’ve ever heard one.