New Baba Nyumbani Farm Manager, Jeconiah, is budding with new ideas to take the Kenyan community’s farming sustainability efforts to a whole new level. One of Horizon’s points of difference is in-country businesses to help offset operational costs for long-term sustainability. See all the ways he’s improving our systems and elevating our in-country impact.


The community is practicing relay cropping so as not to run out of supply. The relay cropping is spaced by a month.

Sorghum is ready for harvest. Sorghum is a widely cultivated cereal native to warm regions. It is a major source of grain and of feed for livestock.

We are looking at shifting to organic farming and therefore, Jeconiah has set up a pilot project of Greenhouse tomatoes which are purely organic. Crushed eggshells are used to help provide calcium to the plants.



Compost Bins

Three compost bins have been set up for manure, which will help with the shift to organic farming. This will be used on site and the surplus sold to the community.


More Chicken!

A new brooder was set up and 1000 new chicks were brought in. this ensures that we do not run out of chicken. By the time the older ones are no longer lucrative, we will have another batch ready to lay eggs hence we will always have more eggs for our kids and supply the rest.


Dairy Unit

The dairy unit is in the process of expansion. New feeders and drinkers have been set up. Calf pens are being added because we are anticipating more calves. At the moment we have 5 calves.

The water troughs have been renovated to improve the hygiene of the cattle.


Information provided and written by Kenyan Program Coordinator, Dorice Lusuli.