Organic Farming in Kenya

New Baba Nyumbani Farm Manager, Jeconiah, is budding with new ideas to take the Kenyan community’s farming sustainability efforts to a whole new level. One of Horizon’s points of difference is in-country businesses to help offset operational costs for long-term sustainability. See all the ways he’s improving our systems and elevating our in-country impact. Crops […]

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An Invaluable Inheritance

What Makes Horizon Different What sets Horizon apart from many other organizations that care for orphaned and vulnerable children? Our focus on sustainability? Our Micro Community model? Perhaps the most impactful, distinct element of our model is the Inheritance Program. It is essentially our commitment to support Horizon children into adulthood. The children who end […]

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Horizon Announces Interim CEO

Gerald Meck and North Group Consultants have been announced for an interim executive leadership engagement. North Group Consultants, founded in 1997, is a Lititz-based firm focused on developing leaders and their organizations to their highest potential. North Group has a celebrated history of helping private sector and nonprofit organizations navigate hope-filled transitions for the good […]

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Finding Identity

In the best of circumstances, the arrival of a child is met with great celebration. Birth is the first milestone in life, the starting point of a journey that will hopefully be marked by many successes and joyous celebrations. Siblings and grandparents are the first in line to visit the newly minted member of the […]

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Where the Light Touches

Dear Horizon Family, I hope this letter reaches every single person in our large, spread out Horizon family. From parents, to cook, to security, to farmer, to alumnae, to donors and even to the children old enough to read it – my heart goes out to all of you putting yourselves at risk to keep […]

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A Wise Spirit

A son of a ghost marriage lost both of his mothers at a young age, and was left with no one to care for him. Today, he is learning to care for others.

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The Horizon Story

From the initial efforts and passion of one Canadian entrepreneur, to the innovation of a team of business leaders who formed Horizon in 2004, our journey to empower orphaned children is one of big vision and inspired commitment to lasting change.

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