We’re on a climb to radically transform the way orphaned children are cared for. Follow the path below to learn more and to join us on this journey.

The first step on this journey is to take the time to understand what happens to a child when they are orphaned in the developing world. It’s hard to comprehend, and can’t be captured within a short video, but we would encourage you to take time to watch the following video to begin this journey.


Orphaned children worldwide


Of orphaned children repeat the cycle

With over 140 million orphaned children throughout the world, we’ve realized that we need to create generational impact. That’s why our approach is focused on sustainability. For children, we know that a life of self-sustainability comes from being rooted and raised in a family. In turn, we nurture a holistic support system for children and families through our commitment to operational sustainability.


Family is our main focus for empowering orphaned children.


Revenue from our  businesses support  our in-country operations.

It’s time to climb. Let’s work together to empower the lives of orphaned children around the world.

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