The spelling bee is an annual event for students attending the school at La Providencia — but for the past two years, children have had to spell their words through a screen from home. This year’s story was different. 

This year, teachers were able to surprise the children by telling them the Spelling Bee would be face to face. The students were very excited as some had not been to school or seen their classmates in a long time! Others had the opportunity to see each other at the Christmas fair held at the school in December. 

All grades participated, from kindergarten through 12th grade. Each teacher chose the participants in the classrooms and spent several days preparing for the big event.   

Before the event, teachers facilitated an internal spelling bee with each grade to determine who would participate in the school-wide bee. 

“I always encouraged them to do their best, practicing every day,” Ms. Iris, a 4th grade teacher, said. “The children showed a lot of enthusiasm and commitment.” 

When the day of the Spelling Bee finally arrived, students were very excited and nervous because it had been a long time since they had participated in an event like this — they were used to being in front of a computer! It was great to see them laughing with their classmates and teachers.   

Students were certainly in good spirits, but that didn’t stop the competition! It was tight between several students, they prepared very well for that moment. Anyone in the audience could tell. 

“I felt very good representing my grade, I studied every day,” one 4th grader shared. “I won 3rd place, but I hope next year to improve!” 

Any nerves they had were gone once they were on stage spelling out their words, we could tell the waiting time was more stressful.   

Events like this spelling bee are especially important to teachers and students right now — with classes still mostly remote, any chance for a special get-together is so important. it gives teachers a chance to see how much their students are growing.

For children new to the school, the spelling bee was the first time they were able to meet their teachers! It was great to hear from these kids and see how excited they were. *Alissa and *David, two 3rd graders, shared their feelings about the bee: 

“I am new in the school, but the experience was very good. I have good competitors, I made a mistake, but I hope to improve next year.” 

“I enjoyed seeing my classmates, I liked being able to see the teachers. I was very nervous when spelling the words.” 

Written by Julissa Arana, Latin America Engagement Facilitator