Sustainability comes in many forms. 


Sometimes, it comes through profits from  in-country businesses: think Guatemala’s plantain farm or Honduras’ coffee farm. Other times, sustainability beams down directly from above.


Horizon’s team in Zacapa, Guatemala  has finished installing 99 solar panels to harness the sun’s energy. The road to the panels was a complex one,  but two local companies teamed up for the installation to ensure its proper installation.  That proper installation led to a number of other projects, including replacing the roof beneath the panels, running new wiring to the inverters, changing the breaker box, and changing to a bidirectional meter (an uphill battle to get the electrical utility to authorize and install) — quite a list, any way you look at it.


But all the technical verbiage leads to a simple conclusion: Casa de Esperanza will now produce 95% of its own electrical consumption. 


It’s a big step toward total sustainability in the years ahead!  


This project is part of the EmPOWER program, launched with our partners at Alternative Energy Development Group — our official sustainable energy partner. Thank you, AEDG, for your hard work and commitment to empowering children through reliable electricity and exposure to the energy marketplace.