In Progress


$40,000 USD


Transportation for 60 Children


Maono Light, Kenya


Maono Light is in a very rural area requiring daily transport to a private primary school for 60 children. For years, our staff partnered with the local community to provide transportation for community children for a small fee. Education, in Kenya, is considered the most valuable investment that a community can make in the lives of their children, and though transportation is essential, it’s not provided by the government or private schools. We currently have one 15-passenger van at Maono Light that requires five trips per day to transport all children and community children to school and back every day. This cycle means children have to leave very early in the morning and arrive back late. High costs of wear and tear and gasoline make this current approach unsustainable; with a new school bus, we can ensure children get proper sleep and enough time for homework and play while continuing to attend a private school for quality education.

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