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Educational  Funding for All Children


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We are committed to empowering the children we serve to be able to lead lives of self-sustainability. This means, we’re committed to supporting our children as they become young adults, ensuring they can support themselves and ultimately impact their local communities. The purpose of our Inheritance Program is to ensure each young adult has the opportunity to attend university, technical school, or learn how to run a Small Micro Enterprise (SME). The need to launch this endowment fund is increasing with each year that passes as there are large groups of children now entering high school and ready to step into the Inheritance Program. Our in-country teams have determined that the average annual cost of each youth within the Inheritance Program is $2,500, multiplied over two-four years depending on the individual’s specific program or field of study. In order to come through on our promise to the nearly 200 children we currently serve as well as future children that become part of our Horizon family, we’re launching this Scholarship Endowment Fund. We exist to empower orphaned children to self-sustainability, and this will ensure we’re able to do that for generations to come.

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