Lameck Kibet knows a thing or two — specifically, technology and poetry. We wrote about this university student’s way with words back in May, where we shared about the relaxation poetry offers Lameck in the midst of a busy school schedule. In his latest work, Lameck pays homage to Horizon’s role in his life. Martha, another young adult from Maono Light who also belongs to Beth Mbugua’s family, beautifully recites his words in the video below



Admiring from a far,

Calling in secrets,

Pushing for my side,

My place to keep it.

You are my star,

In the safety of my dreams,

You are my star.

Charity guessing for what seems,

Like an eternity,

To free for speaking,

Too thankful for crying,

You are my star.

Horizon my word escapes me,

Get flash from the page,

Maybe it is my season,

To clinch the success of my age,

I guess you are my sweet,

I can pass and say,

You are my star

But I am just a glimmer in the galaxy

Of existence,

But am gonna see this from a distance,

Dancing to your beat,

I yearn for long,

So, without you, it’s like a singer without a song,

Yet strong,

Horizon you are my star.

By: Lameck Kibet