Naomi and Abigael: two girls in love with computer science. You’ll often find them with their noses stuck in a book (they’re known as ferocious readers), or dreaming of their futures: Abigael, an accountant, and Naomi, a surgeon. It doesn’t take much more to see that these girls have quite a lot going on! But the two girls didn’t always have the support to dream this big. In fact, Naomi and Abigael were used to hardship, being among the poorest families in their community. 


Their father, who suffered from a heart condition, was already struggling to provide for his five children when his wife died of cancer. After her death, the family was forced to live in a sheep’s pen on the property where their father worked as a guard. This made their father ashamed, but at least they were still together as a family.


One morning their precarious security ended. Naomi and Abigael woke to find that their father had committed suicide in the night. Traumatized by the discovery, and shunned because of their situation, the children had no one left to care for them.


Members of the community adopted Naomi and Abigael’s three siblings, but the two girls were unclaimed, unprotected, and without even a pasture to call home.


But hope was on the Horizon. In 2010, Naomi and Abigail found a new home in Baba Nyumbani. Today, they experience all the challenges, excitement, and hope that comes with being a teenage girl. Naomi is outgoing and makes friends easily, while Abigael is quiet and determined. Abigael loves chapatti and yoghurt, while Naomi likes rice with chicken stew.

Naomi has fun on the soccer field with friends
Abigael smiles for the camera at Baba Nyumbani

Thanks to the security and loving family they found at Baba Nyumbani, the girls are working hard to achieve their dreams, one in the art of healing, and the other in finance.