Looking for something new to spice up your morning routine? Mercy, a teen at Baba Nyumbani, has a recipe for a classic Kenyan dish to share. Mombasa chips are made of arrowroot, a root vegetable similar to a yam. We boil and slice the arrowroots before dipping the slices in egg and lightly frying in oil. The end product is more akin to a British chip/fry than bagged chips. 

If you can’t find arrowroot at your local market, feel free to substitute another tuber like cassava or yams. Serve the Mombasa chips Mercy’s way, with a side of sautéed spinach for a hearty breakfast rich in vitamins. See her recipe and watch her prepare the dish below!

Mercy takes us through the steps to make Mombasa chips with sauteed spinach, from start to finish!


  • 2 medium arrowroots  or yams 
  • 4 eggs  
  • Cooking oil  
  • Spinach  (a large bunch)


  • Peel your arrowroots or yams, slice into thick slices, and boil until well-cooked  
  • Beat your eggs in a separate bowl  
  • Put 1-2″ of oil in a pan and turn to medium heat
  • Let the oil heat up for a few minutes. (you can test if it’s hot enough by dropping in a small drop of water) 
  • Dip your boiled vegetables  in the eggs until they are fully coated.  
  • Drop them carefully into the heated oil and  fry until cooked and golden brown  
  • Remove them from the pan and put them in a serving dish  
  • For the spinach, put two tablespoons of oil in a cooking pot over medium-low heat.  Add the spinach and cook for 1 minute, until wilted. Add some salt to taste and your spinach is ready.  
  • Your Mombasa chips with spinach is ready to serve with a cup of hot tea, preferably chai.