An interview with Ana Rosa Cabrera, principal at the school on our Guatemalan Micro Community. Let’s get to know Rosa! The Interview has been edited for clarity.


JA: What is your role at Horizon?

ARC: I am the director of the Horizon Zacapa-Guatemala Family Education Program.


JA: What do you do on a daily basis?

ARC: I collaborate with each of my teachers in order to provide academic education to our students as well as integrated teachings in Christian formation. I regularly take time to lesson plan with my teachers, planning various activities such as creating posters, rhythmic gymnastics, directed games, and many more. I schedule training sessions for my team, create reports and supervise classes. I’m always looking for areas to improve within the school. I try to carry out my daily activities with enthusiasm, love and dedication.


JA: What excites you the most about your work?

ARC: I love knowing that every day there is a reason to be able to walk into my classroom and share, listen, advise and learn from the children and adolescents of our micro-community.


JA: What motivates you to  do this work within Horizon every day?

ARC: There’s a phrase I  know and implement in our daily life no matter what the context is: “where God has planted us, there we must flourish.”

Ana Rosa Cabrera prays with her students before the school day begins.

I have brought this phrase to life inside and outside my work team. God has planted us here, so here is where we must flourish. That is what motivates me to improve  every day and provide a quality service to our children and adolescents.

What an excitement and what a blessing to have the opportunity to provide this service at the school. I thank Reyna, the Guatemalan country director and our community director, Alexandra, because they have been a fundamental piece for development that exists within our Micro Community as well as my dear and respectable fellow teachers. I am a very emotional person, and believe me, I feel full of joy, happiness and gratitude!

Interview by Julissa Arana