Awaiting Funding


$100,000 USD


33% Increase to On-Site Sustainability


La Providencia, Honduras


Pork is a valuable commodity in Honduras that we are excited to begin investing in. We’ve completed an analysis within the local market and determined that a hog farm will provide a good return on investment for relatively little upfront cost. Our business plan projection on 320 hogs per month shows a profit after just five months with a breakeven and 24% return on the investment after just one year. These projections also show this increasing to an average of 27% ROI after just two and a half years. Though both the school and the clinic generate a small percentage of revenue to be put toward our operating expenses at La Providencia, utilization of the farm land is vital, as we strive to generate enough revenue on-site to cover 85% of our operating expenses. This project alone has the potential of increasing our operational sustainability by 33%!

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