As Family Sponsorship moves us away from letter writing between sponsors and children, we recognize the few sponsor-child relationships that have been cultivated and grown through years of faithful letter writing. In these few cases, though the sponsorship has transferred to that child’s entire family, we see the value in allowing this letter writing to continue. There’s trust built in the slow but sure process of writing and receiving letters — being pen pals.  So grab a pen and some paper, and take advantage of this privilege with joy.


This deeper level of connection often comes with a greater responsibility to understand the true impact of letters.  Your letter doesn’t need to be long, the children are excited and most grateful for any and all messages that are shared. You are welcome to share photos, just be aware of how cultural and lifestyle differences may play out in your message or with the photos you share. 



Avoid elaborating on your material posessions (homes, cars, vacations)
It will only accentuate differences rather than find the similarities that a relationship can be built on.

These children already have parents in our communities.
Language that insinuates a parental relationship is not only confusing, but inaccurate.

Be curious.
Ask questions.
This is a wonderful opportunity to ask about life, culture, school, hobbies, traditions…


We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have while writing – simply email dan@empowertheorphaned.org.  

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