When humanity connects, beautiful and wonderful things happen. In connection we find our purpose and meaning.

For the first time ever, Horizon is collaborating with Artist Allison Rohland in creating a connective, worldwide art piece called The Big Kahuna. 

The Big Kahuna presents each of us with an opportunity to gather and connect in an unprecedented way. Allison will intentionally combine the individual submissions to create one final collective visual art piece. Roll up your sleeves, let your inner artist out and watch your art come alive with the art of others. Horizon invites families, co-workers, sponsors, and friends from Kenya, Guatemala, Honduras, the USA and Canada to gather around one staple medium: paint! 

” We are exploring the power of connecting with one another and celebrating our cultures through art,” Allison shared.  Each child and donor that chooses to participate in the project will be given the same color palette, brushes and prompt: paint your favorite animal, plant, pattern or food from your culture! From there, in-country staff and donors will submit their individual works to Horizon. “We’ll then take some of the individual works and turn it into a collaborative art piece to show what beautiful things we can create together from each of our different perspectives. “

The Big Kahuna and the best interest of the child

We believe each child and each child’s situation is unique. Their individual best interest needs to be the guiding principle and primary consideration for all we do. 

The Big Kahuna invites us all to participate while upholding Horizon’s value of Best Interest of the Child. It’s a way to connect with our children, our families, and our staff while guarding their privacy and dignity. 

We believe there is power in human connection, but how do we plug into this connection without exploiting others? Art is a powerful medium of connection. Through art, we endeavor to involve many people who are excited to connect in a new and safe way.