Paramount Management Group’s involvement with Horizon has spanned more than 10 years. Dennis Ream, Paramount’s CFO and COO, sited their common core values and focus on people as two key reasons they’ve continued to support Horizon, specifically as sponsor for the annual Gala. Paramount works with financial institutions and retailers to optimize their consumers’ needs and experiences. The company is an asset of Heller Capital Group, whose founder, Daryl Heller, is a Horizon co-founder. 


Sustainability is central to action at Horizon. Our vision is to radically transform the way orphaned children are cared for, and our mission is to do that sustainably. Because a transformation is only really a transformation if the changes stick — and Paramount gets that. The Sustainability Partner is one of the top-tier sponsorship opportunities at this year’s Gala, because sustainability is an investment. Sustainability helps Horizon children here and now, and finds a familiar future for generations to come. 

“Our community is very values-based for me, personally. That carries over into Paramount where the engagement side is very important to us. It’s not just about Paramount, but it’s about the individual lives of each person.”
– Dennis Ream, CFO and COO