EG Stoltzfus has been a long time partner of Horizon. Giving back to their neighbors and the global community as been part of their culture since the company began nearly 50 years ago. “Focusing on others and building relationships through honesty and integrity” was a key vision for their founder, Elam G. Stoltzfus, Jr. and has been a driving force for the impact they’ve made on our mission of empowering orphaned children.




Pursuing sustainability requires partnership. EG Stoltzfus’ participation in Horizon’s mission means they contribute to the good of lives who aren’t even around yet. EG Stoltzfus’ partnership with Horizon is a widening of the work they already do as an organization and the values they hold — namely, generosity and relationship-building. Both are key characters in developing sustainability. Radical transformation almost implies sustainability, which insures that transformation is here to stay. Our vision is to see orphan care transformed, in order for children to grow into adults leading self-sustaining lives. The Sustainability Partner is one of the top-tier sponsorship opportunities at this year’s Gala, because sustainability is an investment. Sustainability helps Horizon children here and now, and finds a familiar future for generations to come.