La Providencia is home to the newest sports court in the area! This multi-purpose court, built for basketball, soccer and volleyball, sits on a high point of the community’s property. By late afternoon, the courts is filled with children deep into a soccer match or other game. By this time of day, the sun sets over some pine trees to the west, creating an idyllic setting for players and spectators.


“We come up here and play all the time in the late afternoons,” Jose, a young adult in the Salgado family, said. “This is way better than the dirt field we used to play on.”


The climate in this high zone of Honduras also makes for great playing weather. Watch this video below of some children take part in an exciting game on the court!

The court isn’t only for spontaneous play. It’s also a space for recreation, weekly Awana activities requiring  large spaces for the kids to play. It will also be a big asset when on-site school resumes this fall, providing an area for P.E. classes previously non-existent.


It’s a place for play, yes, but also for community interaction and motor-skill development for all children. In an update from local field staff, they said the court area “will promote civic and spiritual values through practicing different sport disciplines, allowing kids’ mental and physical health stability.”

A group of boys rush to the basket
Santiago prepares to shoot into the basket!
Friends and family watch each other play!
Jose watches for the ball