Family Sponsorship is built upon connection, upon the belief that something powerful happens when we give significance to the hidden moments. Roasting hot-dogs around the fire on a school night. Finally mastering that math concept. Deciding that yes – you can learn to swim. These are the moments, the hidden places, making us. Family Sponsorship cheers for families as they become who they were made to be. It’s a testament to our family-first value and the children’s best interests – and we think you’ll find it similarly meaningful.  


As a family sponsor, you’re enabling children to grow from vulnerability to sustainability – within the context of developing healthy, on-site family relationships. (Want to know more about why that’s so important? Click here.) Family Micro Sites are how we facilitate connection between you and the family you sponsor.  


It doesn’t require any work aside from logging in. Each sponsored family has a Micro Site devoted to them, so everything on the page will be relevant to you as the sponsor. That log-in feature exists to maintain privacy and child protection, meaning your access to the family’s Micro Site is a privilege exclusive to sponsors.  


That’s what sets these sites apart from our website or Stories page: In pursuit of deep connection, we’re running to the edges of storytelling, facilitating personal connection by giving words and light to moments that go otherwise unnoticed: the backyard laughter and the slow build that is a group of people becoming family.

Family Micro Sites are the places we’ll feature times we like to deem “fridge moments: snippets of life we’d probably like to have on our fridge door – if it was big enough to hold it all. 

Think: little girls learning the alphabet by shaping letters from clay. A family enjoying the tilapia harvested on-site. Wild mango-procurement during a family trip to the river.  


The Monroy family getting their fill of splashes at the river!

As a Family Sponsor, you’ll be there for the big moments:  school graduations, soccer trophies, and all that comes with it. But most of life isn’t lived by the milestones – and real human connection is created, for the most part, with the threads of normalcy. A family Micro Site is your way to keep up with both the big and the small moments. We hope you’ll find a meaningful connection to your sponsored family there – and perhaps even more than that, find similarities among the differences.