Vincent and Rose Juma with their children
Maono Light, Kenya


Family Sponsorship is our way of empowering children by respecting and supporting their family units in our communities. When you sponsor a family, you support individual children within the context of their whole family. Become a family sponsor today and see the impact of your donation touch the lives of our children. You’ll also receive access to a private family microsite, filled with photos and short stories about the children in the family.


When they grow up, the relationship doesn’t have to end. Become an Empower Partner to a young adult upon their high school graduation. As am Empower Partner, you will have relationship with the young adult as they go through university or other post-high school education. You’ll be able to watch this young adult take steps into adulthood — equipped to lead a sustainable, thriving life.


Get a glimpse of how each site is broken down and what you’ll discover.

Create the SUNSHINE in someone’s world today.