Prestige Investment Group has supported Horizon’s mission for almost as long as they’ve existed — Jerry Hostetter formed the company with business partner Daryl Heller in 2011. Even in those early days, Jerry knew he wanted Prestige to play a supporting role in Horizon’s growth. As the head of an investment group, Jerry’s expertise lies in business investment, which is one key part of our sustainability value. That aspect is what intrigues him the most about Horizon. “I really like the idea that my giving continues to give again. I look at it as, if you owned it, there would be return on that investment…the money recycles into the community to help it thrive.”


In order to maximize the impact of every dollar donated, Prestige has decided to cover all administrative costs for Horizon over a three-year period. This allows us to have a 100% Promise: 100% of all donated funds go directly toward community operations and ultimately children and families. The Sustainability Partner is one of the top-tier sponsorship opportunities at this year’s Gala, because sustainability is an investment. Because Prestige has taken on that investment, Horizon is positioned to maximally affect children for good, for a long time to come. 

“It’s the promise that the board would take this money to help with admin costs, so that everyone else’s dollars go directly to the kids. We feel that’s our responsibility, to be a steward of the money we can raise through our business opportunities. It’s something I feel that all businesses have, that stewardship responsibility to give back. And we feel that way at Prestige.”

– Jerry Hostetter, President