Like most of our program beliefs, empowerment for the children starts in the context of family. Local staff at La Providencia embody this by creating an environment where children can grow up empowered.


Families on-site are learning new ways to implement this value through a study of  “The Whole-Brain Child,” a child-development book by Dr. Daniel J. Siegel and Dr. Tina Payne Bryson. The book reveals the science behind a child’s changing brain, and how parents can help them grow in healthy ways.

Horizon families hold themselves (and each other) to a high standard because they know the honor it is to raise a child. Their diligence in learning how to best do that is setting everyone in the family up for success and growth!

As children grow, they begin to face — and attempt to answer, as we all do — the question of the future. Yet they’re not alone in this, either. For adolescents with Horizon, empowerment looks like support and listening ears to figure out what’s next. This month, they’ve each met with a psychologist and a social worker to begin developing their life plans. 


Fifteen-year old Vicente* is looking forward to his future as a pilot. The teen is part of the Amaya family at La Providencia, and has enjoyed working one-on-one with caring adults to identify this path and make a plan to get there. Angeles, an on-site social worker, said Vincente has strong English skills and several personal strengths, all of which will serve him well in achieving his goal.

With this kind of ​support to dream and plan, there’s no telling what heights Vicente and his classmates will reach!

*name  changed for child’s security.