Some of the world’s largest coffee-producing countries also have a high prevalence of poverty and abandoned children. We’re writing a different story.

A child, barely old enough to work, labors in the field day after day. Her days under the sun are long, stretching from night to night. The pay she receives is vastly disproportionate to the labor, if it exists at all. She should be in school, learning about the world beyond her walls and discovering passions of her own. Instead, she rakes her fingers through the coffee bushes, hands scratched from the plants as she makes her way through the field.

For 1 in 5 children living in coffee-producing countries — Honduras included — this is reality. But there is indeed another way through — a way out. Hope.

Trailblazer coffee is one way we help lead children out of the cycle of orphanhood and abandonment and into a life of freedom and self-sustainability. We’re using coffee — a crop used to exploit and traffick children around the world — to redeem and empower instead.

We partner with local coffee farmers in Honduras to supply Trailblazer coffee directly to you, and 100 percent of each order supports our orphan-care communities in Latin America.

This is the kind of difference your coffee will make in those communities:

  • Home essentials: Bedding, clothing, school supplies and more
  • Agricultural and livestock: As a food source and a source of income
  • Health & Wellness: Covid testing and vaccines, check-ups and dental visits 

Order your Trailblazer coffee today and become a part of the movement toward “better” —for everyone.