Harnessing the Power of Hope

When new children are admitted to Baba Nyumbani, I interview them and conduct home visits to learn everything I can about their family history and socio-economic background. I try to fast-track all new admissions to get children the help they need as quickly as possible.

My role is to see the children’s social well-being before and after admission by providing counseling and conflict resolution to children and staff. I help group parents with character transformation, a critical aspect of our work in the Micro Community.

I am also responsible for a lot of administrative tasks, including maintaining case files, reporting to local authorities, and maintaining contact with sponsors. I manage the e-reader use and provide computer training to the community and to our kids. I also track the children’s progress in primary and secondary school and follow up with authorities in the Kenyan children’s department.

The most satisfying part of my work is to see children who need care and protection transformed from a nobody to a somebody, to see them find happiness and fulfillment, a sense of purpose and a sense of belonging.

But, this change doesn’t always happen right away. Sometimes a child is not open to change. But with guidance, change is possible. It is very exciting to keep in touch with children we have helped and see that they are successful.

The impact of the Horizon Initiative extends far beyond the Baba Nyumbani Micro Community. My salary has transformed my own family, and Horizon is creating many jobs in our community, which benefits all of us. I also believe we have the power to change the wider community here by eradicating poverty, which is a killer disease, and by raising good, responsible leaders for our future.