Field Notes




Elisha was the third of five children born in a ghost marriage, an arrangement allowing women with no sons to pass their inheritance to another woman’s children. The women raised their children together as their own — unfortunately, both women died while Elisha was still young. The children went to live with their grandmother, an old widow who was unable to care for them. She asked for help from friends and members of her church, but help eventually ran out — or so they thought.

Soon, Elisha and three of his siblings came to Baba Nyumbani. Elisha was a bright boy, though he didn’t always excel at academics and struggled with school at Baba Nyumbani. But with a lot of hard work, he managed to earn a passing grade. Even still, Elisha’s passion was beyond academics: he loved teaching others about God.

He has a determined spirit and a deep, compassionate heart, fueling his desire to keep learning and encouraging others. After graduating from Baba Nyumbani, Elisha enrolled in a Bible training college in pursuit of pastoral certification. This dream came true in March, 2017 when Elisha graduated from the program. Today, he is happy to be able to teach and inspire hope in others. He has found his purpose in life and is on track to become a pastor in the near future.