In Progress


$8,000 USD


Diversify Market Products


Baba Nyumbani , Kenya 


This project seeks to expand and diversify the existing farming enterprise at Baba Nyumbani to incorporate apiculture. In particular, we seek to establish 100 beehives in the farm for production of natural honey, bees’ venom, propolis, bee pollen, wax and bee saline jelly usage. The project intends to fill the existing market gap locally, because the country currently imports honey and other bee products from neighboring countries to meet its increasing demand. To effectively attract bees into the farm, the project seeks to engage in sunflower farming within the same farm. Sunflower from the farm will also be used as animal feed and the surplus is to be sold to other livestock keepers within the county. The project will offer significant support to the government of Kenya’s achievement of the Big Four Agenda in the area of food security and manufacturing while providing additional revenue to the Baba Nyumbani community.