Siguatepeque,  [siɣwateˈpeke], is located in central Honduras and home to La Providencia. The city name comes from the Nahuatl word “cihualtepec:” “cihuatl” (woman), and “tepec” (hill) which means: “the hill of women.”  

Siguatepeque is a small city but the people have big hearts.  It’s a hub for universities; people come to study from all over the country. Coffee shops dot nearly every corner of downtown, a staple for students and businesspeople alike.  

Our city is in constant movement, hosting everything from small-business fairs, folk dancing in public squares, activities at school, and the annual “Festival of Flowers.” The festival takes place every October, when local companies create floats decorated with natural flowers to celebrate local agriculture.   

We also have several community parks where families can do different sports activities or just have a good time sitting on the grass.  

Food is a very important part of our culture. There are many places to eat very elaborate, elegant dishes and others selling typical food such as baleadas (flour tortillas, beans, and butter), pollo chuco (fried chicken, green plantains and lots of salsa), tacos. These places are usually open late at night.  

Fresh produce at the Siguatepeque market

Markets abound with fresh fruits and vegetables — our climate and altitude are ideal for growing a great variety of  produce.  Many growers come to Siguatepeque on Thursdays and Sundays to sell their products at the local market. This is the place to find very fresh fruits and vegetables at a good price! My family goes to the market on Sundays after leaving church because it is very close to us — we know that on Sunday afternoon, the snack is fresh fruit.   

This is only a snapshot of the place that I, and everyone else living and working at La Providencia, call home. It really is a great place to live.

Written by Julissa Arana