Jack Eans


Jack has worked in international relief and development for over 30 years, partnering with leaders of other nations to rescue, restore, and empower children trapped in poverty. Jack’s own story of abandonment, abuse, and loss of family led him to align his life purpose with helping the orphaned regain their identity and purpose. From Colorado, Jack is an avid mountain climber, having climbed over 200 of Colorado’s peaks and two successful summits of Mt. Kilimanjaro. Jack uses his passion for climbing to inspire others to help orphans climb out of their situations. He strives to live out the phrase, “Success is not counted by how high you have climbed but by how many people you brought with you.”

Christine Schneider

Director of Sponsorship Engagement & Events

Christine has a passion for building relationships, championing causes and helping people. She brings over 20 years of experience in marketing, communications and event planning, primarily serving in the banking and financial services industry. A Lancaster County native, Christine is a graduate of Elizabethtown College with a bachelor of science degree in business administration with specialized concentrations in marketing and communications. Always busy volunteering with school or community initiatives, Christine believes her greatest role is as a wife and mother to her husband, Joel, and two children, Kayla and Noelle.

Allison Rohland

Creative Coordinator

Allison has a passion for creativity, communication and community engagement. She brings four and a half years of non-profit experience in marketing and communications, operations and event planning. Prior to joining Horizon, she empowered adults with Intellectual Disability and Autism. A Lancaster City resident, Allison is an Elizabethtown College graduate with a degree in English Professional Writing with a Creative Writing minor. She believes it is her life’s purpose to give a voice to the underrepresented, and she does it with a bit of panache as Creative Coordinator at Horizon.


Nichelle Christopherson

Administrative Assistant

Nichelle makes it her mission to approach every day with purpose. In 2018, she graduated from Arizona State University with a major in Political Science and a minor in Spanish. She spent much of her youth and young adult life participating in gymnastics, where she eventually became leader of an NCAA Division I Gymnastics Team. Feeling called to serve in international outreach and become an advocate of human rights, Nichelle discovered Horizon and has since held the position as Administrative Assistant and Financial Coordinator. She eventually hopes to pursue a career in law and international policy.

Onésimo Feliz

International Program & Latin America Director

Growing up with 10 siblings, Onésimo started his passion for helping children without parental care early in life, by helping mentor over 10 children who had no parents in his hometown of Barahona, Dominican Republic. Although the children are now adults, they still consider Onésimo’s family as their own. This impact in the lives of children fueled Onésimo’s desire to live a purpose-driven life to rescue, restore and empower orphaned children around the world. Before joining Horizon as an International Program and Latin America Director, Onésimo has served in pastoral ministry, leadership and as an advocate for at-risk children in Latin America for over 7 years. He holds an MBA in holistic ministry and has a bachelor degree in accounting. Onésimo is married to Deyda and loving father of Paola and Melanie Joyce.

Jim Pesce


Jim Pesce is the Co-Founder and CEO of Hallehluya Food Company in Ontario, Canada. Jim has a strong passion for connecting the West with the developing world, as he believes we who are well off are indebted to those in need. He has worked with at-risk youth in his community since 1987, and is now involved with programs reaching Toronto-based immigrant children. He has served in Kenya since 1999 before co-founding Horizon in 2004. Jim and his wife, Deb, have three children and two grandchildren.

Daryl Heller

Co-Founder & Chairman of the Board

Daryl Heller, Chairman of Heller Capital Group, is an entrepreneur that has founded various companies within the telecom, technology, agriculture, financial and energy sectors. Heller Capital Group is a private equity firm which generally has 12-15 portfolio companies where he provides strategic oversight and accountability to the portfolio companies. Daryl is an innovative and highly respected leader, with a core competency in strategic planning, cultural development, business acceleration/execution and merger & acquisition activities. He is also a philanthro-capitalist, and co-founded Horizon in 2004.

Jerry Weaver


Jerry Weaver is Co-Owner, President and CEO of Quality Custom Cabinetry, Inc., a custom cabinet manufacturer that distributes throughout the U.S. Through the QCCI Foundation founded by Jerry and his business partner, he has donated to many charitable causes through the years. Jerry’s passion using his resources to empower others, which makes his involvement with Horizon a perfect match. He lives in Lancaster, PA with his wife and is a father to three girls.

Gene Strite


Eugene Strite is a compassionate business leader who desires to see the next generation reach their full potential. His passion is empowering others and consulting with businesses. In over 30 years of being in business, he is President of the D-111 Group LLC., developing a green community in south central PA. The author of several books, he travels nationally and internationally teaching on finances. Eugene and his wife Kathy have four children and ten grandchildren.

Matt Burkholder

Matt Burkholder is the President and CEO of the Dutch Valley Family of Companies, which includes Dutch Valley Food Distributors, Inc. and Dutch Valley Food Development, Inc., located in Myerstown and New Holland, PA and Berlin, OH.  Dutch Valley’s Vision is to give back and Share What’s Good with those involved in the business, the community and beyond.  Matt and his wife, Karen, have four daughters and share a passion for helping to meet the needs of the children in Kenya and seeing lives transformed.

Steve Peroff

Steve Peroff brings a strong organizational, marketing, and advertising background to Horizon. As a successful realtor for several decades in Keswick, Ontario, he built the premier real estate team in their region. Steve and his wife Colleen are dedicated parents to Eli and Jordanna. Steve has helped in the development of Baba Nyumbani, Horizon’s flagship Micro Community in Kitale, Kenya since 2009. His work in Baba Nyumbani has given their work in Canada a fresh purpose and focus.

Rick Haller

Rick Haller is the Founder and Chairman of Haller Enterprises, a mechanical services company based in Lancaster, PA. Rick is a driven entrepreneur, starting the company out of his garage in 1981. Since then, the company has grown to employ 300 people across five branch locations in Central and Eastern Pennsylvania. Rick serves on various boards and contributes to various cause based organizations. Rick and his wife Joyce spend much of their time with their three children.

Larry Kreider

Advisory Board Member

Larry Kreider has been involved with Horizon’s board since the organization’s inception. As Founder and International Director of DOVE International, he earned a Masters of Ministry from Southwestern Christian University at age 60, proving it is never too late to continue learning. As the author of over 40 books, Larry’s professional life includes international speaking engagements and mentoring various organizational leaders. He and his wife, LaVerne, have four children and six grandchildren.

Ron Myer

Advisory Board Member

Ron Myer serves on the Dove Christian Fellowship International Apostolic Council as the Assistant International Director. He also leads the USA Regional Apostolic Council and the DOVE Europe Apostolic Team. Ron travels nationally and internationally teaching on various topics, with a strong focus on calling people to rise up to their full potential. He has authored and co-authored two books. Ron and his wife, Bonnie, have six children and fifteen grandchildren.