It really does take a village.

We build Micro Communities in developing countries around the world to provide orphaned children with the loving care they need to not merely survive, but flourish. By liberating children from situations of homelessness, poverty, abuse, or abandonment, we aim to instill in them an enduring hope that fuels long-term, positive impact within their communities.

Working to radically transform the way orphaned children are cared for.

Through a highly selective gatekeeping process, we are careful to preserve families whenever possible. This means that we only take in children in the most dire situations: those who have lost both parents, are facing abuse, or are otherwise extremely vulnerable. We also strive to maintain a low parent to child ratio, ensuring we can provide every child with love, attention and guidance within a strong, family environment.

The things we value most impact everything we do.

Human Dignity

It is our firm belief that every person has unique value, deserves respect, and an opportunity to lead a fulfilling, healthy, self-determined life.


Our lives in the West are inseparable from the lives of those we aim to empower around the world. Caring for others teaches us about ourselves.

Cultural Sensitivity

We strive to operate in ways that are relevant and sensitive to local cultural values and customs, forging positive ties with local communities and cooperating with governmental organizations whenever possible.


We value quality, practical, long-term, financial sound solutions. By liberating one child at a time through holistic care, we work to create deep impact for whole communities and even countries.

Where We're Headed

In order to reach more children in need and make a long-lasting impact, we’ve got our hearts set on reaching orphaned children all over the world. By 2030, our goal is to have 30 Micro Communities in at least 20 different countries, providing hope to over 3,000 children.

20 Countries

  • 4 Global regions
  • 5 Countries in each region

30 Micro Communities

  • 22 Completed & Operating
  • 4 Locations with build-outs underway or near completion
  • 4 Locations with land acquired and ready to build

Meet the Team

Our staff and board are committed to our mission of creating truly sustainable, compassionate care and real empowerment for orphaned children. They bring their skills and talents to fulfilling our mission with deep humility and fierce passion.

Get to know us

The Horizon Story

From the initial efforts and passion of one Canadian entrepreneur and his family, to the Lancaster based business man’s inspired innovation, to the collaboration of a philanthropists and leaders who formed Horizon in 2004—our journey to empower orphaned children is one of big vision and inspired commitment to lasting, sustainable change.

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