We believe a healthy family is vital to a thriving life. Unfortunately, many children in institutional care are left without this supportive framework — we want to change that. Our approach to orphaned-children’s care is both in the interest of the child, and intentionally pro-family. In seeking these things, we have arrived at Family Sponsorship: a new way of empowering children through “heart-adoption” into a local family.

Part of being pro-family means we respect the role of our in-country parents and want to support them so they can support the children within their care. Family Sponsorship calls us away from the traditional sponsor-to-child relationship and into the humble roles of servants and supporters of a family.


Paulyne Juma and her family at Maono Light, Kenya.

YOUR SPONSORSHIP IS ON-PURPOSE. If you were sponsoring a child, this is your opportunity to meet his/her Horizon family. You’ll still be able to follow along in that child’s journey, within their family story.  If you have been sponsoring multiple children throughout our communities, then it is likely you are now connected to several families, not just one.


YOUR DONATION IS STILL GOING TO THE SAME PLACE. The amount you give monthly isn’t changing either. 100% of your monthly or annual donation is still directly supporting our efforts on the ground.


FAMILY ISN’T ONE-SIZE-FITS-ALL. Just like any family, some Horizon families look different from others. You may find your family has a single mother. Some have more siblings that you may expect. Families are dynamic, living things: that means they could be subject to change. But what won’t change is the love and support these children receive in a healthy family – no matter its shape or size.


FAMILY ISN’T FILTERED.  No one has a camera roll full of professional-quality photos — especially of kids always on the move. Many of the photos you’ll see on your microsite come from the family, in addition to some staff members, capturing life in the moment.  We are supplying our staff with the equipment to take great photos and video, but for now, please enjoy these glimpses of life in their real, unfiltered way.


CHILDREN DON’T HAVE DOUBLE IDENTITIES, but some do have two names to help protect their identity. Child protection laws in Latin America compel us to use a “protective name” for children in Casa de Esperanza and La Providencia. These names appear in stories or photos on our website or social media. When you become a sponsor of a family in one of these communities, you have the privilege of seeing their real names on your microsite.


Get a glimpse of how each site is broken down and what you’ll discover.

Jacqueline and Vincent sharing smiles with  others at Maono Light, Kenya

SPIRITUAL LIFE IS PART OF DAILY LIFE. You’re likely to see and read about faith in both parents’ and children’s lives on your microsite. Family devotions, times of prayer and a church life is a big piece of most family’s cultures. 


EMPOWER PARTNERS: THE JOURNEY TOWARD SELF-SUSTAINABILITY. Our support doesn’t end at graduation or an 18th birthday. Upon the completion of high school, Horizon welcomes young adults into the Inheritance Program: a multi-year journey to pursue higher education, learn a trade or start a business. We support each person through the entire process. Though their path may be unique, they always have a common place to call home: the Horizon global family.


SUPPORT WITHOUT LIMITS. There are currently no limits to the number of sponsors that may support a family. Since the child to family sponsorship transition (May, 2021), there are fewer expectations and requirements within the sponsor relationship, and we are able to facilitate meaningful connection through our family microsites — all without impacting our programs.

Empower Partner sponsorships are limited to four sponsors per child (young adult).  Supporting a typical journey through the Inheritance Program costs $2,500 USD per year. By breaking this support down into four shares, sponsors have the ability to support through one share or more as they come alongside for this journey to self-sustainability. 

There are two things we should give our children.  One is ROOTS, the other is WINGS.



 “Global Family Groups” will connect you with the other sponsors of the Ngina family. Confirm your interest and we will be in touch.

camp fire


Be a force for change with your morning coffee by helping us build a more sustainable future for all our communities.



Come alongside a young man or woman and be part of their journey as they step into their calling through our Inheritance Program.