I’m stirred with delight as my feet find their way back towards Horizon, my home away from home.  

Hello, my name is Nicole. I am the first-born daughter of Jim and Debbie Pesce. I lived in Kenya, with our children and staff.  My body, you’ll find, is marked and colored by the years of living there. My heart is tender and full, overflowing with deep experience.

My arms have been stretched and pulled from many days and nights of embracing children, sowing beans, washing clothes and carrying water.

Even my mind brims with memories of hope, union, people gathering in Kenya and North America, as well as with the harsher parts of reality and the difficulty we all faced in those early days.  

I’m not entirely certain why my feet have brought me back here, but for what it is worth perhaps my memory of who we are, from the beginning, and where we’ve come from can stoke the excitement of experiencing the transformative power of human connection.  Horizon is not simply a charitable organization that does good.  Horizon is a movement of passionate people who continually come together for a greater purpose than themselves. And that’s what it has always been. From the very first day our feet touched Kenyan soil, witnessing the shocking disparity amongst people and the most vulnerable children, there has always been a resonance of community, of people gathering from all over the globe to help.  Horizon is a movement of radical change and symbiotic sustainability. It is Connection between people. Horizon is found within the tension of hope when what seems impossible knocks on the door.  

We are the community that hears the call of the vulnerable and answers in full. 

This year, with our Field Notes, we are expanding once again, but this time with each of US in mind. We want to re-awaken the pulse of our hearts and stir the deep wells within. Our hope is that with each word, image, title, call to action, remembrance and imaging you would be drawn deeper into the fold of this amazing Horizon Community.  

May our feet find ground as the passion to advocate for the vulnerable calls to us from the deep. 

Written by Nicole Scott, Creative Director